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Eye Doctor - Optometrist - Niagara Falls

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Eye Doctor - Optometrist - Niagara Falls

Spectacle Clinic E-Store


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Spectacle Clinic E-Store


Eye Doctor - Optometrist - St. Catharines


Spectacle Clinic is a team of Opticans Optometrists looking to disrupt the industry. Were a family owned business, with the mission to deliver an Optometric experience unlike any other.
Come experience our medical-first approach, because it all starts with your eyes. Our mission is to provide you with a complete and unforgettable eyecare experience from start to finish.

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Essilor Lenses Niagara Falls

Spectacle Clinic is proud to offer the finest in eyewear technology, including the renowned Essilor Varilux lenses. These lenses are designed to provide superior vision correction and comfort, and come in a variety of styles to suit different needs and preferences. In this article, we will compare the differences between four popular Varilux lens options: Varilux X Design, Varilux Physio 3.0, Varilux Comfort Max, and Varilux Freedom 3.0.

Varilux X Design
Varilux X Design is the latest addition to the Varilux family of lenses, and offers the most advanced technology for vision correction. These lenses are designed to provide a wider field of vision than traditional progressive lenses, with minimal distortion and maximum clarity. The X Design lenses also feature a sleek, modern design that is both stylish and functional.

Varilux Physio 3.0
Varilux Physio 3.0 lenses are designed to provide the most natural vision possible, with a smooth transition between different visual zones. These lenses are particularly well-suited for people who spend a lot of time working on computers or other digital devices, as they help to reduce eye strain and fatigue. The Physio 3.0 lenses also have a wider field of vision than traditional progressive lenses, which makes it easier to see objects at the periphery of your vision.

Varilux Comfort Max
Varilux Comfort Max lenses are designed for maximum comfort and convenience. These lenses are made with a special material that allows them to adapt to the shape of your eyes, providing a comfortable fit that is ideal for long-term wear. The Comfort Max lenses also feature a unique design that reduces reflections and glare, making them perfect for outdoor use.

Varilux Freedom 3.0
Varilux Freedom 3.0 lenses are designed for people with active lifestyles. These lenses are made with a lightweight, flexible material that provides a comfortable fit and allows for a wide range of motion. The Freedom 3.0 lenses also feature a unique design that provides a clear, stable view at all distances, making them ideal for sports and other outdoor activities.

Precision and Quality
Our equipment takes specialized measurements for your eyeglasses to ensure we get as accurate as 0.1 mm. More than measuring your pupil height and pupil distance, we will also measure how far the lenses sit from your eyes, the angle it sits at, the curvature the frame has, and how your eyes move throughout the lens. This creates a custom-tailored lens solution that creates unparalleled quality of vision.

We use Essilor Visio Office which takes 30 readings in minutes and measures accurate readings of up to 0.1 mm for your lenses. Varilux Progressive Lenses are worth a try at Essilor Lenses Niagara Falls! We have a Pro-E 600 edger that makes prescription lenses with maximum precision. This includes measuring the base curve, axis, and and giving the lenses a specific groove if needed for the frame. Our speedy services are all thanks to our Pro-E 600 and our talented lab technicians. Our lab technicians have had over 10+ years of experience which shows through our minimum redo rate. Customers leave Spectacle Clinic with a smile on their face.

In summary, each of the Varilux lens options offered by Spectacle Clinic has its own unique features and benefits. The Varilux X Design lenses offer the most advanced technology and a sleek, modern design, while the Varilux Physio 3.0 lenses provide natural vision and reduced eye strain. The Varilux Comfort Max lenses are designed for maximum comfort and convenience, and the Varilux Freedom 3.0 lenses are perfect for active lifestyles.

No matter what your vision needs may be, there is a Varilux lens option that is right for you. Buyer satisfaction is our top priority! With the most up-to-date technologies and trained staff, we can guarantee the best optical services in the Niagara region!

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