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Eye Doctor Niagara Falls, ON

At Spectacle, we offer high-end designer frames and accept direct insurance billing.

Dr. Sara Kim

Eye Doctor - Optometrist - Niagara Falls

Dr. Harjinder Dhillon

Eye Doctor - Optometrist - Niagara Falls

Dr. Kayvon Sasani

Eye Doctor - Optometrist - St. Catharines

Dr. David Sooklal

Eye Doctor - Optometrist - St. Catharines

Comprehensive Eye Exam

$ 120

Comprehensive Eye Health Assessment

Vision Correction

Retinal Photograph

Glaucoma Assessment

Macular Degeneration Screening

Niagara Falls location Only:

OCT Scans

Visual Field Test

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The Spectacle Experience

“Growing up in Niagara, I found it difficult finding another likeminded Optometrist near me, with a mindset for a healthcare first approach. Most eye doctors near me always find ways to maximize their practice with volume. I however, wanted to find the best eye doctor near me that shares my interests of providing a medical-first approach. Accomplishing this goal would help Spectacle Clinic become the best optical store near me. I think we’ve achieved this with Dr. Kim and Dr. Dhillon. They are two optometrists I finally found near me that make healthcare a priority. Now I can officially say Spectacle Clinic is providing the best eye exams near me and best eyeglasses near me.”
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