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Niagara Falls (7-11 Plaza)

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Eye Doctor - Optometrist - Niagara Falls

Spectacle Clinic E-Store


Eye Doctor - Optometrist - Niagara Falls

Spectacle Clinic E-Store


Eye Doctor - Optometrist - St. Catharines

Spectacle Clinic E-Store


Eye Doctor - Optometrist - St. Catharines


Spectacle Clinic is a team of Opticans Optometrists looking to disrupt the industry. Were a family owned business, with the mission to deliver an Optometric experience unlike any other.
Come experience our medical-first approach, because it all starts with your eyes. Our mission is to provide you with a complete and unforgettable eyecare experience from start to finish.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

$ 120

Comprehensive Eye Health Assessment

✔ Vision Correction

✔ Retinal Photograph

✔ Glaucoma Assessment

✔ Macular Degeneration Screening

Niagara Falls location Only:

OCT Scans

Visual Field Test

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Eye Exam Near Me

Looking for "Comprehensive Eye Exam Near Me in Niagara Falls"? Look no further! Spectacle Clinic is your destination for meticulous eye exams tailored to your needs. Our team of highly trained optometrists and optometric assistants are committed to delivering passionate, customer-centric care with complete transparency.

We have robust procedures in place to handle a wide range of ocular situations. Now, we exclusively offer a comprehensive eye exam package designed to meet all your eye health needs. Previously priced at $130, this thorough examination is now available for just $120.

Our comprehensive exam includes an in-depth assessment of your eye health, with procedures ranging from prescription checks and ocular muscle balance evaluations to advanced retinal imaging using the iCare Eidon machine. It also includes tonometry, IOP measurement, and a meticulous glaucoma test conducted with the precision of the Optopol Revo 80k machine. Plus, we offer comprehensive visual field testing with the gold standard Humphrey Field Analyzer 3.

Choose Spectacle Clinic in Niagara Falls for your eye health needs and experience the top-tier, comprehensive care that your vision deserves.

Our Eye Exam Services Our regular eye exam includes an assessment of your eyesight prescription, ocular health inspection, eye pressure, and ocular muscle balance. This package is recommended for patients who have no issues with their vision or eyes and should be scheduled every two years. For those who have noticed visual changes or experience eye pain, or simply want a more detailed examination, our comprehensive exam is the best option. This package includes a prescription assessment, macular investigation, tonometry, IOP, eye muscle examination, glaucoma tests, retinal imaging and examination, and visual field test.

Eyewear Products and Optician Services
In addition to providing top-notch eye care, our clinic also offers a wide selection of eyewear products to suit your individual needs and preferences. Our inventory includes over 8,000 products, and our opticians are trained to help you choose the best options for your optical needs. We pride ourselves on our honesty and will offer our honest opinions to ensure you get the eyewear that suits you best.

State-of-the-Art Technology at Spectacle Clinic
To ensure efficient and accurate care, our clinic is equipped with the latest technology. The Pro-E 600 edger is used for cutting and polishing lenses, ensuring accurate centration and cutting to reduce distortions. The Essilor Visio Office takes precise measurements for your lenses to create a spectacle that fully meets your requirements. The ICARE DRSPLUS is a leading fundus investigation instrument that uses white light LED illumination technology to produce clear images of the retina for easy diagnosis.

Contact Spectacle Clinic for an Appointment
If you are searching for "eye exam near me" and need an assessment of your overall eye health, contact Spectacle Clinic to schedule an appointment. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a complete and unforgettable eyecare experience from start to finish. Dr. Harjinder Dhillon and Dr. Sara Kim are our qualified optometrists who are prepared to help with all types of eye issues, including refraction, disease management, and injury. Trust the team at Spectacle Clinic to provide the highest quality care for your eyes.

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Trust us with our comprehensive Eye Exams, which include state-of-the-art Retinal Scanning & Digital Imaging.
Same day glasses thanks to automation. Quick & Precise is our specialty.
Our sole job is to elevate your vision. We call this the Varilux Experience.

We are technology driven, and aim for perfection.

We take the time to present all lens choices, with expert advice.
Trying contacts for the first time?

We want to guide you through the process. Call us today for an appointment.
At Spectacle Clinic, we offer free repairs and adjustments to ensure your eyewear is always in top condition.
Spectacle Clinic guarantees to match any competitor's price for the same product.
Convenient direct insurance billing for hassle-free coverage.

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