Eye Doctor St. Catharines, Ontario

Eye Doctor St. Catharines, ON

At Spectacle, we offer high-end designer frames and accept direct insurance billing.

The Spectacle Experience

St. Catharines Eye Doctors

Spectacle Clinic is a team of Optometrists in St. Catharines looking to disrupt the industry. We’re a local business, with a health care first approach.

We’ve selected only the best eye doctors in St. Catharines, with the mission to deliver an Optometric experience unlike any other.

Our eye doctors use state-of-the-art medical technology, with the goal that every eye exam is detailed and complete. Thanks to our combination of the best optometrists in St. Catharines, we deliver what we believe to be the best eye exam in St. Catharines.

Our eye doctors will select customized Varilux lenses by Essilor, which then we take up to 20 different measurements to personalize your lenses for your eyes. We then provide different lens options in simplified, easy to understand packages, allowing you to select the best lenses that fit your budget. We’re privileged to be the only supplier of Varilux lenses in St. Catharines. Come see what the Varilux Experience has to offer.

Our Optometrists

Both Dr. Sara Kim and Dr. Harjinder Dhillon are extremely educated and very personable, with your eye care as their top priority. Our eye exams use a paperless iPad system, allowing digital records to be easily shared with you and our staff through your entire process at Spectacle Clinic. If you’re looking for an Eye doctor St. Catharines, trust us at Spectacle Clinic. We will be your one-stop-shop, with service that will leave you recommending us at every chance.

Spectacle Clinic Expectations

You will be asked a series of questions relating to your visit, where notes will be taken for our Dr. to help better understand your needs. The Ophthalmic Assistant will then start your pre-assessment with an autorefractor test. These results will help the Optometrist better understand what your prescription might look like, where the Dr. can then fine-tune it to achieve your most optimal vision.

After the pre-assessment, you will be brought into a large, modernized eye exam room where the Dr. will begin the exams. Your eyes will go through two major tests, one involving the health of your eye, and the other involving the best possible vision that can be achieved with eyeglasses. The doctor will then describe their findings to you, and prescribe based on your needs.

If you opted for the comprehensive eye test, the Ophthalmic assistant will then use a retinal camera to take high-quality digital images of your eyes. This provides amazing visuals and details that are best used for early detection and prevention of eye conditions. The results are shared with the Optometrist, where they will discuss the findings with the patient. Field tests are also available at Spectacle Clinic, most common for police foundations eye exams, or patients who are experiencing difficulty with their peripheral vision.

Quality of Service

From start to finish, our goal at Spectacle will be to provide you with service like no other, quality vision tests that compete with the leading optometrist practices in the region, and vision that has you saying “wow”. Our staff members consist of well experienced, professional, and fully qualified Optometrists, Opticians, and frame stylists who specialize in their area of work.

Insurance & Benefits

Choose between a regular eye exam, or a comprehensive eye exam. We bill most insurance companies directly, making it seamless for our patients. If your insurance company does not accept direct billing, most insurance companies allow easy billing on their website or phone app. The process is simple and involves selecting our clinic, uploading the invoice, and submitting it. Most insurance companies will pay within two business days if you’re set up for direct deposit. Our staff at Spectacle Clinic will always help guide you through this process if you require it.

“Growing up in Niagara, I found it difficult finding another likeminded Optometrist near me, with a mindset for a healthcare first approach. Most eye doctors near me always find ways to maximize their practice with volume. I however, wanted to find the best eye doctor near me that shares my interests of providing a medical-first approach. Accomplishing this goal would help Spectacle Clinic become the best optical store near me. I think we’ve achieved this with Dr. Kim and Dr. Dhillon. They are two optometrists I finally found near me that make healthcare a priority. Now I can officially say Spectacle Clinic is providing the best eye exams near me and best eyeglasses near me.”
Eye Doctor St. Catharines, Ontario Cameron Nekoui Owner
Cameron Nekoui
Eye Exams & Glasses Niagara Falls | Best Eye Care Service | optometrist Niagara falls
Eye Exams & Glasses Niagara Falls | Best Eye Care Service | optometrist Niagara falls
Eye Exams & Glasses Niagara Falls | Best Eye Care Service | optometrist Niagara falls
Eye Exams & Glasses Niagara Falls | Best Eye Care Service | optometrist Niagara falls